Advaithic concepts will not work for you

“It is not true that at any time I was not, nor thou, nor these kings; nor is it true that any of us shall ever cease to be hereafter”—First message of Lord Krishna to Arjuna in the context of Bhagavat Gita, before the Mahabharata war.

Now we are moving to the concepts of Advaitha. But it will not work for you without a foundational change in your understanding of this world. On the way we will see it. Here, I think the subject will be unimaginative if I proceed it with something that is not familiar to common people. So let us once again quote the common sayings which are connected to the teachings of Advaitha. After that we will try to rectify these sayings, i.e., to make it more meaningful. 1) All is Brahman and the world is unreal 2) Body dies but the soul inside it is immortal. Here I say you that these lines are not totally correct. These lines were established by ancient thinkers for the generations next to them. They also knew that these lines contain only partial truth. And they believed that if the truth was explicitly said, the society would discard it, and it would not reach to the succeeding generations. Ok, let us try to find what these quotes actually mean.

1) All is Brahman and the world is unreal. Stop a while. Watch things around you now itself. Can you see the Brahman around you, or can you see the world around you? Brahman or world?.. Of course world. If you can see the world around you instead of Brahman, there are only two possibilities. Either the above quote is wrong or you are a low grade creature who is unable to see everything as Brahman. Now I am also with you; I also cannot see Brahman around me. Then, what is this Advaitha?

Now it is the time to ask yourself a question of whether you are ready to go to the depth of the subject. If yes, let us fix the above quote more correctly. That is ‘the world itself is Brahman and your concept about the world is unreal’.‘Your concept is unreal’. In your concept if you believe you and the world are two, it is not true. You are not inside the world. But the world is inside you. More accurately, you and the world are not two. When you see the world with this realization, it is called Brahman. That implies you, world, Brahman all are the same. Now you may find these words a bit confusing or paradoxical. No need to think hard. Continue reading. I mean, I did not explain enough to make you understand it. Here my intention is to make you hear more on the subject and the rectified versions of the common quotes on it. Ok, let us move on to the second one. That is..

2) Body dies but the soul inside it is immortal. What do you think about this quote? It is almost like you can feel your soul separates from body at the time of death. Now you may imagine that soul is a kind of light or something else, situated at the place of heart or at the centre of brain. Should a person wait up to death for realizing that the soul is immortal? Can a person who is dead only realize this quote? If so, who prepared this quote for mankind? Is it prepared by someone who remembers his previous life’s death time? Then, can it be the possibility of a false memory? And so on….endless questions.

I shall give you the correct explanation of the above quote. But beware. Most of the aspirants leave Advaitha after hearing this explanation, because it truly challenges one’s basis concept of his own existence. Ego always works against it. And one more thing; this explanation cannot be given in public. Many people discard the idea on hearing itself. Majority of people have a prejudistic mind towards other knowledges which need drastic changes in their understanding of this world and of themselves. That is the reason why the correct version was not established in the society. Only the deserving people understand it. In ancient India this explanation was given to the students by an enlightened teacher of ‘Gurukula Sampradaya’. There the teacher could make a student realize the idea by himself.

I believe a brave move is necessary here. I consider only the one who is waiting to realize it. Take the quote again. ‘Body dies but the soul inside it is immortal’. To rectify it, I say you that your body is only a feel of your soul. You have only a soul. More correctly, you are a soul now itself. You won’t agree it; you will definitely ask “Then what is body?” Again I say you that the body is a feel of your soul. No need to wait up to the time of death, but you can realize you are a soul now itself. Ok, if soul is the reality, a question arises, can it die? (Here I am not challenging your commonsense. Instead, I am directing your attention to some unfamiliar ideas. An effortless reading is enough here. Later we will see all these things in detail).

Now, let us consider the very serious question – what is death? Everyone knows that death is a change. A change where all the feelings including the feeling of body vanish into nothingness. Now stop a while. Just watch any ‘change’, physical or mental that you perceive right now. If you did it, read again.

Here I say that you did not perceive the ‘change’, rather the ‘change’ was there just because you perceived it. It means the ‘change’ had its existence just because of you. More accurately you were that ‘change’. I want to say that ‘any change’ that affects you, will not happen without your presence. To get happened all changes for you, need your presence. You already know that the event of your death is a change for you. And this change also cannot happen without you. That means, you should be there to watch your own death. If you watch it, how can you say that it is death? So, you, the soul cannot die. Then the correct version of the quote is that ‘you are immortal’. This is the truth. Some people know this. Some others don’t know. So they fear an end of their life endlessly! They live forever with a concept which never going to happen in their life. Death can always be a concept to be afraid of, but it can never be a reality.

I know, you have finished reading up to this. But you are at the edge of throwing this idea away. Correct? You may throw a hundred questions or even more to me. You may ask “we see people die, then how are they immortal?” “If others die, how can I be immortal?” “If Advaitha says about rebirth, what is the logic of population increase in this world?” “If body is a feel of the soul then why should we eat, drink and do many other actions to protect the body?”“Why should we work?” “Man is one of the creatures in this world. Birth, eat, drink, procreate and death are the life processes that happen to man which are comparable to that of other creatures. Then, why special Advaitha for man?” “Energy sources are rapidly being extinguished from earth– pollution increasing, population increasing and the mankind will perish one day. Then how can Advaitha help them?” “Our era is of science where man going to moon. What is the relevance of Advaitha now?” Answering all the possible questions about it is not practical now. Many people even after having answer for their doubts, still felt incomplete with the idea.

Some other people have an argument “No, it is not Advaitha, what you explain is something else”. I personally accept them even though I do not accept their argument. If they are ready to listen I can direct them to some of the American websites and some presses in England which deal with the papers of Non-duality. Sorry, I forgot to say that Advaitha is now popular all over the world by the name ‘Non-duality’. Foreign teachers are brave enough to challenge the aspirant’s basic concept of this world. There the aspirants are ready to study it as a science. But in India, people try to study Advaitha without affecting their already built concepts. They get hurt when the true Advaitha touches their concepts about the reality of themselves and of this world. Some people become angry and say “It is not Advaitha”. Such people always like to believe ‘All is Brahman and the world is unreal’ just blindly.

Knowing all these facts, the ancient teachers of India said the same truth in a twisted manner. Great epics were born from their hands by which they could spread this truth to the world. The present scenario is that the scientific minds do not show interest in epics and stories. I personally believe that a scientific mind can easily realize Advaithic truth. It is because he never considers himself as complete and always loves more logical thinking. He is strong enough to take more experiments hypothetically. On the other hand, a blind believer never realizes Advaitha because he feels complete with what he already has. His ego boost up when someone says a different idea which he is not able to understand. Such types of minds soon gather together and fight against this idea. Anyway it is better to ignore them.

Now we are moving to the brain of the subject. It is the time to reframe your basic idea about the world. Advaithic knowledge cannot be built on the previously framed wrong ideas you have about this world. To reframe the present idea, I shall tell you a story. A story of how the present idea of the world was framed so far.

You don’t remember anything. You cry. You sense your breath and air going inside your lungs. You see many visions. You hear many sounds. You yourself make sound by crying. You feel touch sensation and mass of your own body. You feel the visions around you changing. The sound around you is also changing. Touch sensation is changing. You get the touch sensation of your mouth and swallowing sensation of milk. You see your mother always with you.

Time goes. You feel hunger. You feel pain. You see hands, legs, head, nose, eyes, ears, fingers. You see sun, moon, stars, trees, animals. You try to imitate others. When you eat food your hunger satisfies. When you touch fire you get burned. You start talking. You start walking. When you fall down you feel pain. You see everything around you changing. You get the idea of time. You play with your friends. You see big things and small things.

Time goes. You believe what other people say. You realize big things are made up of small things. You go scientific. You know all materials are made up of atoms. You know the names of various forces responsible for balancing this universe. You know the organs inside your body. You know various kinds of energies that control the universe. You understand everything in the world with the ideas of matter, energy, space co-ordinates and time. You know that matter in a special way arranged in your body with certain energies, makes your life possible. With this life you get sensations like vision, sound, touch, smell, taste etc. If the microscopic arrangement of matter inside your body changes, you surely have to die. After that there is no more ‘you’. Now, in this present moment, you hear Advaitha. You definitely reject it. You have no other way than rejecting it, because it says that the physical death is not an end of the life. If you are interested in knowing how the logics of Advaitha has been developed, please go on..

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