Author’s note

Man takes the armour and sword to fight the world for his survival. His children are also being trained to meet the same world which constantly seems to threaten their future. ‘Survival of the fittest’ becomes the truth for the youth. To survive one has to compete. Only hatred is spreading. Of course we see love also, but what kind of love? True love is a state of mind which never demands anything from outside, and always accepts life as it is. It can be shared unconditionally, like a flower that spreads its fragrance around. But the emotional love that majority hold is only a give and take business, that also they select their own people to love. It may feel sweet, but it is only a counter part of the same hatred one shows for his survival. How much intense his hatred is that much intense his emotional love goes. Instead of freedom it gives bondage. After all it is meaningless to refer this craving as love, since it can anytime transform to hatred, or it essentially can cause the same dispute that hatred can cause. All disputes, both personal and global stemmed from the love-hatred pair which again rooted in the primitive question of survival. Even with all these hurdles, up to what point a human being normally survive? Doing everything for continuance, but it suddenly ceases in a day. It is a misery, perhaps the most dreadful thing that can happen to us. Can we do something hopefully with it?

If we are able to find our true nature, if we are able to find our togetherness with everything which we recognize, then our eternal survival is revealed. Unconditional love can only be the byproduct of our realization of this intimacy, of the so called life with ourself. All griefs end with it. Sometimes for this intimacy, to get revealed we need to go through a particularly well structured contemplation. In India, there originated a marvellous system of thought Advaitha, that throws light on the eternality of everyone whoever already being here. Even though this land was invaded many times geographically, it retained its spiritual purity for a long time. Now we should take the challenge of protecting it from the western materialistic, highly poisonous belief systems. Our country showed a never ending enthusiasm to distribute its spiritual wisdom to the world; but in the present scenario, majority of people inside are unaware of the same. Advaitha is ours. Protecting it essentially means understanding this philosophy in the same way it actually is. It honestly deals with our experiences, intimacy and eternality. Here I will be gratified, if I can make you hear this concept at least once. In this venture of ‘logics and path of Advaitha’ I used repetitions, frequent correction of concepts and an imposition of legitimacy of its thoughts– just because it is a reverse journey which is always being obstructed by many conventions, but the journey eventually leads to your eternality. All my efforts awfully focused to show you this eternality and I hope my kind hearted readers will cooperate with the way it is presented. I understand, many people will not accept these kinds of philosophies, but I welcome them also, to have a fantasy ride over a seemingly unbelievable ideology.

With love,