Logics and path of Advaitha, part II overview

Karmic Laws ♦ Materialistic belief directly connects with Mercilessness ♦ Actions based on Non injury philosophy is relevant in Non-duality ♦ Life driven by mercy can counteract desires ♦ Motive of our actions should not be the end results ♦ Society functions in ‘one for all and all for one’ concept ♦ Service money relations ♦ Abnormal philosophy based on scarcity of resources can be a cause for mercilessness ♦ Multiple appearance of desire ♦ Desire, expectation and mind fluctuation

Stillness Meditations ♦ Maharshi Patanjali defines yoga as the process of controlling the mind activities ♦ Material body can be a tool with which we can achieve a tranquil mind

Celibacy ♦ Sexual fluid, why does it so matter in spiritual enquiry? ♦ Celibacy is considered as the supreme penance according to Indian Yogic system ♦ You can be utmost romantic to your life, but you should be a celibate because the wastage of sexual fluid eventually leads to ignorance ♦ An artist or a sportsman or if fighting a dreadful disease, stopping the wastage of sexual energy can be an additional aid ♦ Teenagers and bachelors, this time truly your opportunity to stay as a celibate ♦ It is better not to find a relaxation by touching the sexual organ ♦ Celibacy helps in whatever activity you do ♦ Inspiring stories of Socrates, Prithviraj Chauhan and Nicolas Tesla ♦ Your spiritual wisdom counts with the number of days you remained celibate ♦ Stick to it happily, since it is the highest virtue a man can have ♦What can the married people possibly do with this policy? ♦ Does celibacy demand you to be unmarried? ♦ Description of food habits that may cause wet dreams and break celibacy

Social Involvements ♦ Karmic laws never tied to fixed systems in society ♦ When a system goes antihuman it has to be corrected ♦ About rituals, caste systems, human worshipping, spiritual teachings, spiritual crimes, women empowerment and politics ♦ No Non-duality apart from humanity ♦ Karmic laws in day to day affairs