Logics of Advaitha

“Matter is the permanent possibility of sensations”
John Stuart Mill, British philosopher of Utilitarianism

Knowing the logics of Advaitha is nothing but knowing how the ignorance deeply rooted in our mind. At first, I shall explain the difference between common concept towards life and Advaithic concept. The common concept is Materialism which says ‘matter makes the life possible’. That is, some innate properties of matter are responsible for the life. In this belief- system, matter and the energy associated with it are the only realities; and all other things like mind, consciousness, life are the byproduct of this matter energy entanglement. Materialism creates the belief that our life happened by a coincidence, that too with the decisive factor as ‘matter’. A mysterious arrangement or movement of matter in the form of minute particles somewhat in atomic level, is considered as the underlying cause of life according to Materialism. With this life, you can feel various sensations like, sensation of vision, sound, smell, taste and touch. And with this life you have a mind where various images and chatterings always appear. Since this belief system gives the total credit of your life to the microscopic arrangement of matter, it undeniably says that when this arrangement breaks, you die.

And now, before moving to Advaithic concept we need a little knowledge about the sensations/feels we actually have. We know that we have five sensations. That is vision, sound, smell, taste and touch. Materialists are very happy to point out the organs responsible for these sensations. But Advaitha do not insist you to say that you have only five sensations. It allows you to say ‘pain is a sensation’, ‘mind chattering is a sensation’, ‘feeling of movement is a sensation’, etc. Whatever you feel within you can be your sensation. It should be, because you sense it. So, let us try to list out all the sensations we actually have. There are vision, sound, smell, taste, touch, sensation of change, sensation of time, pain, cold, heat, chatterings in mind and visions in mind. Majority of sensations are listed. To proceed with Advaitha we need to understand one more sensation which is not listed above but closely connected with touch sensation.

We know that, touch sensation is felt at the surface of the body. When we touch a wall with our finger, this sensation occurs at the surface of the finger. But when we press the wall hard we feel a peripheral touch sensation and an inner pressure sensation. I am not explaining the physics concept of pressure which is force per unit area. But I explain about the sensation that occurs inside the body when we push a wall. This sensation occurs in our legs while standing up. By closing your eyes, think how you can sense your head, your hands, your legs and your body. Yes, through a sensation. And this sensation is referred as pressure sensation. This pressure sensation is felt with multiple pressure points. A ‘here and there’ feeling is associated with it. It can be treated as a three dimensional sensation, where our touch sensation is almost a two dimensional sensation. And this pressure sensation is somewhat a vague sensation. The boundaries of it cannot be felt exactly. And the multiple pressure points are felt to be very minute.

Enough–we have completed the discussion of all the sensations which are needed for studying Advaitha. Now clearly hear the foundational difference between common concept and Advaitic concept. Common concept says matter creates sensations, where Advaithic concept says sensations create matter.

Now, let us explore how the ‘sensations create matter’. ‘Sensations create matter’ actually means, ‘sensations make you believe that there is matter’. We believe ‘existence of mass’, we believe ‘existence of space’ and we believe ‘mass is made up of smaller units’. But how the belief of ‘existence of mass and space’ is formed? How the belief of ‘mass is made up of smaller units’ is formed? Analyzing all the logics given below will make you understand this. (Initially you may feel these logics quite childish and inadequate to challenge the conventional belief system. But I am sure, if you strive to get the essence of these logics you will certainly develop your own logics to counteract all the materialistic beliefs. There are a thousand or a million explanations– but all explanations point out a single spark– and let that spark enlighten you somewhere in your way)

Logic 1:-Combined effect of pressure sensation and peripheral touch sensation creates the belief of ‘mass of your body’, belief of ‘mass of your body made up of smaller units’ and the belief of ‘space occupied by your body’.

Pressure sensation makes you believe that there is a mass associated with your body. Actually pressure sensation gives you a mass feel and after that it is termed as ‘body’. At the same time, vision and peripheral touch sensation play a perfect game that gives ‘outer surface’ to your body. The inner pressure sensation and the ‘outer surface’ together make you believe that you have a body made of mass. By the peculiarity of pressure sensation you believe that your ‘body mass is made up of smaller units’. A ‘space’ occupied by it is also assumed.

Logic 2:-Combined effect of movement of vision, peripheral touch sensation and the belief of ‘space occupied by your body’ creates the belief of outer space.

You see a wall at a distance. You move towards the wall. Finally your eyes almost touch the wall. (Try to generalize these kinds of situations in real life). This makes you believe that, there was at first, some free space existed between you and the wall. But think once more. What actually happens here? When you move, you had a movement of vision, finally a peripheral touch sensation. That is, movement of vision and peripheral touch sensation had a perfect play, to make you believe that there exists an ‘outer space’. Since you have already believed the space occupied by your own body, the belief of ‘outer space’ is strengthened.

Logic 3:-Combined effect of vision, peripheral touch sensation and the belief of ‘mass and space of your body’ creates the belief of ‘mass and space of other bodies’.

When you examine a material object, you believe that the object has a mass and it occupies a space. It is due to the perfect play of vision and peripheral touch sensation. Since you have already believed the mass and space of your own body, the belief of ‘mass and space of other bodies’ is strengthened.

Logic 4:-Combined effect of movement of vision, peripheral touch sensation and the belief of ‘your body is made up of smaller particles’ creates the belief of ‘other bodies are made up of smaller particles’.

You split a material object into two pieces and again each of these pieces into two, and so on. You believe that the object is made up of smaller units. In this example, movement of vision perfectly played with peripheral touch sensation. This made you believe that other bodies are made up of smaller particles. Since you have already believed that your body is made up of smaller particles, your belief of ‘other bodies are made up of smaller particles’ is strengthened.

Analyzing the above four logics altogether may change your idea of the existence of mass. You can understand that the belief of ‘mass’, belief of ‘space occupied by mass’ and the belief of ‘mass is made up of smaller particles’ are formed because of the perfect play of inner pressure  sensation, vision and peripheral touch sensation. From the above four logics, what I want to point out is that the ‘sensations/feels make you believe the independent existence of mass’. That means mass is created by your feels. Now, if you say pain is a feel, you can say mass is also a feel. I already told you that the logic of Advaitha is all about the knowledge of how the ignorance came to our mind. Ignorance is nothing but the materialistic beliefs we have. It is a belief of ‘mass makes the life possible and by this life we get the feels’. But we have already seen that how mass is formed by our feels. If mass is purely our feel how the ignorance deeply rooted in our mind? How it is believed as a reality? How the belief of mass fixed? I shall explain. The belief of mass fixed by:-

Logic 5:-Perfect fusion of different feels: You see a solid substance. You touch it. You are sure that the substance has its existence in this world. Here the peripheral touch sensation justifies what you see by vision. Both the peripheral touch sensation and vision perfectly combined to produce the belief of independent existence of that solid substance. Our common concept accepts a feel, only if it is a single independent feel. But if we think more, we can understand that even though it is a combination of feels, it can never be out of feels.

Logic 6:-“If mass is a feel, why can’t we cross it?” I told you that mass of your body is a feel. Mass of other bodies are also feels. Some people ask “why can’t we cross a wall if both wall and body are feels?” It is a very good question with which I can correct some of the misconceptions you might have developed about Advaitha. That is when Advaitha says mass and space are feels, it doesn’t mean that mass and space do not exist, and it doesn’t mean that mass and space are illusions. Instead, it precisely means that mass and space do not have independent existence apart from your feels. I know you believe wall is a mass and your body is a mass. Now just imagine that you are trying to cross a wall physically and pushing it hard. You can easily realize one thing that you are unable to cross your present feel of pressure sensation, vision and peripheral touch sensation. Strictly speaking, ‘you are unable to cross your feels’. But it is mistaken asyou are unable to cross the wall’. When Advaitha says ‘body is a feel and wall is a feel’, it does not mean that both of these feels do not exist. Some people wrongly understand that as per Advaitha these things do not exist, since Advaitha says these are feels. No, these things surely exist. Exist as your feels. But the fact Advaitha clearly emphasizes is that the material entities you recognize do not have independent physical existence apart from your own feels. Mass of your body, mass of outside objects and these mass interactions exist just because of your pressure sensations, peripheral touch sensations and vision sensation. All the material interactions that you are certain about, exist simply based on your feels. Matter is nothing but a name given for the perfect sequence of your feels. Matter is only a name; in truth it is a feel—and that feel exists. I hope now it is clear for you.

Logic 7:-Cause and effect: We believe matter makes the feels. Now imagine a needle approaches your hand. Finally it injects to your hand. You feel pain. Here the needle injecting to your hand is the cause, feeling pain is the effect. Here we believe that needle injecting to the hand is a reality and the pain produced is a feel. One part is believed as a reality and other part is believed as a feel. Now take the reality part again. That is needle injecting to the hand. Here, Advaithic concept says that it is also, i.e., the so called reality part is also a feel. That is, needle approaching and injecting to the hand is also a feel. It is a feel of vision, peripheral touch sensation and pressure sensation. Common concept says cause is a reality and effect is a feel. But Advaithic concept says both cause and effect are feels. In our life, we see thousands of materialistic causes and the associated effects. In all those cases Advaitha says both cause and effect are feels.

Logic 8:- Different matter has different properties: You take a reddish coloured rock salt crystal. You taste it. It tastes salty. Again you take a white coloured sugar crystal. You taste it. It tastes sweet. Then you declare ‘different matter has different properties’. Your belief of ‘independent existence of matter and its innate property’ is strengthened here. But actually what happens here? Just listen. Reddish colour and white colour are your vision sensations. Crystal shape is a combination of vision and touch sensation. Salt and sweet tastes are taste sensations. So we can understand that mass as well as its properties are made up of sensations.

Logic 9:- Vague appearance of feels: When we are happened to perceive something vague, we try to examine it again. Then we will get a clear picture of it. The initial vague appearance and further clarity of appearance make us believe the independent existence of that entity. Actually vague appearance is a feel and the clear appearance is also a feel. Our pressure sensation is also a vague sensation. And its vagueness itself strengthens our belief of ‘independent existence of mass.’

Logic 10:- Success of intentions:  Our belief of ‘independent existence of mass’ is strengthened by our success of intention to touch the mass. For example, you see a wall in front of you. You plan to touch it. After that, with your finger you touch the wall. Then you declare “my intention was success”. You believe the independent existence of the wall. But if you think, you can understand that here also a set of feels makes you believe the existence of mass. Seeing the wall is vision sensation. Planning is not at all a material. It is also a feel. Touching the wall is nothing but a combination of vision, pressure sensation and peripheral touch sensation. After that you have another feel. That is the feel of success of an already fixed plan. That means all are feels!

Logic 11:- Predictability of effect: Our belief of ‘matter makes feels’ is strengthened by the predictability of effects. When needle injects to your hand you feel pain. Whenever the needle injects to your hand you feel pain. When needle approaches your hand you can guess the pain if it injects. When it actually injects you feel pain and you find that your guess comes true. By this predictability your belief of ‘matter makes feels’ is strengthened.

Logic 12:- Effect of sense organs: We believe matter makes feels. We believe we have sensations because of the sense organs. We believe the working of sense organs is the cause and feeling of sense is the effect. For example, we can see when our eyes are opened and when we close the eyes, we cannot see. We believe closing of eye is the cause and inability to see is the effect. Now think what actually happens in this example. The closing of eyes is also a feel. The vision of darkness after the closing of eyes is another feel. Above all, the belief of physical existence of a sense organ is formed because of the perfect combination of pressure sensation, vision and peripheral touch sensation. Actually the sequence of our sensations makes us believe the independent existence of sense organs.

Logic 13:- Law of feels: Our feels and combinations of our feels are in such a way that it make us believe that the mass and space actually exist. The feels like pressure sensation make us believe that the mass is made up of smaller units. Feels like vision, pressure sensation and peripheral touch sensation appear in a particular manner that this manner itself makes us believe the existence of mass irrespective of our own feels. Actually the manner of appearance of various feels is mistaken as mass. In reality there is only a sequence of feels. But unfortunately we believe ‘we cannot cross the wall’, ‘injecting a needle into the hand produce pain’, ‘eye is responsible for our vision’, etc.

Logic 14:- Similarity with a machine: A machine drinks fuel and inhales air. By using the energy of fuel the machine works. After that it exhales smoke. You compare your body with a machine. Eating, drinking, excreting, inhaling, exhaling are some actions of body which are comparable with that of a machine. By using the energy of food the human body works. Now you assume that the human body is nothing but an advanced machine. Your materialistic concepts are strengthened. Just think once more. Then you can understand that all your body actions are recognized by sensations. Comparing process is also a feel and finally, a physical machine and its size, shape are nothing but a combination of your vision and touch sensations.

Logic 15:-The language trap: When you are a small child you don’t know languages. When you grow up, someone says you ‘this is your hand’, ‘this is your nose’, ‘this is a table’, etc. There are already many factors which I have explained, that can make you a materialistic thinker. Along with these factors when the language is introduced to you, your materialistic concepts are again strengthened. When you study the names of various material objects, you start to believe its actual physical existence. Your belief of ‘cause and effect’ is also strengthened.

After you study the names of various objects, you study to say full sentences. You start to say ‘I hear sound’, ‘I saw a white bird’, etc. Now you may wonder what harm the sentences make in Advaitha. Yes there is harm. Consider any sentence from above. Ok, take the sentence ‘I hear sound’. This sentence pushes you far away from Advaithic concept. Please listen. Advaithic concept says that you are nothing but a collection of feels– feels of vision, sound, smell, touch, pressure, pain, etc. Actually I did not come to that point yet. But wait, I am coming to that, and now you simply hear. Advaitha says you are a collection of feels. But what the language do? What the sentence ‘I hear sound’ do? Yes, the sentence ‘I hear sound’ makes you believe that ‘I’ and ‘sound’ are separate entities. And by this sentence you believe that ‘I’ is inside the body. That means your belief of body and mass is strengthened by languages.

I know your knowledge of this world perhaps mismatches with what Advaitha says about this world. But whatever knowledge you have in your mind actually established in you through some languages. Whatever concept you have about this world is also totally based on the information you received from others. From your childhood you believe what others tell you. Along with these informations, you start to believe the physical existence of other people who give you these informations. You believe the independent physical existence of everything including your body, other’s body and all the objects you perceive around you. You start to see the world as something that mysteriously guided by materials. Unfortunately you forget to explore your own direct experience of this world. You fail to understand all the material entities(including your body, other’s body and all physical objects) around you exist totally based on your feels. You become trapped by informations from other people. You start believing that even your life also came into existence with the quality of the materials you perceive. In fact, by your sensations you made the materials. But you believe that by some mysteries the materials made you. It is no surprise that now your philosophy is deeply rooted materialism. Here matter becomes the master, since you already believe that your life was donated by a coincidental material arrangement. But here Advaitha calls you back from this trap and ask you to explore your own direct experiences. It asks you to experience the world without the language fog in your mind. Of course, the knowledge that derives from your genuine experience can only be the truth. If you try, you can easily understand that without the language, what you truly have as yours is some feels.

Now you please listen, by all these I don’t argue that the language is not at all necessary for this world. Instead I tried only to point out the power of languages to mislead us towards ignorance.

Again ‘mass’ is a feel, ‘mass and space’ are feels and ‘mass is made up of smaller units’ is a belief formed because of your feels. Mass and space do not have independent existence apart from your own feels.  The inner pressure sensation makes you believe that ‘your body is made up of smaller units of mass.’ This peculiarity of inner pressure sensation itself is the root cause of one of your misconceptions called infinity. Yes, it is the time to explore what this infinity means.

Logic 16:-The combined effect of movement of vision and the belief of ‘my body and other bodies are made up of smaller units’ creates the belief of microscopic infinity.

You split a solid substance into two pieces, each of them again into two and so on. The splitting up goes on until the smaller units cannot be detected with eyes. You believe the initial solid piece was made up of smaller units. You believe the splitting process can be carried out endlessly if the smaller units could be detected with eyes. Then the concept of microscopic infinity originates. We believe mass is made up of infinitely small particles. And it is the common concept. But actually what happens here? Advaitha says, by the process of splitting, our vision and touch sensation go on endlessly. In reality the endlessness of our sensations creates the belief of infinity.

Some people try to justify their arguments of microscopic infinity with actual microscopic vision, spectrograph, etc. But microscope, microscopic photograph, spectrograph all are in our feelings, i.e., feeling of vision, feeling of touch etc. More correctly, either these instruments or the evidence from it cannot be out of our sensations. That is all about microscopic infinity.

Logic 17:-Microscopic properties of matter: Do you believe that the sweet taste of sugar is due to the property of its infinitesimal units? If yes, you just analyze the logic of ‘different matter has different properties’ and the logic of ‘microscopic infinity’ together. Then you can understand that sugar, its colour, its shape, its taste and the concept of infinitesimal units are all made up of feels.

Logic 18:-The combined effect of movement of vision and the process of ‘travelling’ creates the belief of macroscopic infinity.

Just like the belief of microscopic infinity the belief of macroscopic infinity is also formed because of the endlessness of our sensations. Here, man goes on travelling outer and outer. Out of his house, out of his village, out of his country, out of this earth and still try to go out. He declares that the universe is infinite. But actually the endlessness of vision makes him believe this macroscopic infinity. The photography taken by an expedition vehicle on Mars is no way out of our vision sensation. Here I want to make it clear that whatever equipments are being used, nothing can be out of our sensations. And infinity is nothing but the name given for the endlessness of our sensations, particularly vision. That’s all.

Again I say you that ‘mass’ is a feel, ‘mass and space’ are feels and ‘mass is made up of smaller units’ is a belief formed because of  your feels. Mass and space do not have independent existence apart from your own feels.

Logic 19:- Mass in dream: Some people argue that ‘it is impossible to perceive mass without its actual existence’. They say that ‘mass is real’. Here I shall explain a logic which Advaitha teachers have been using since ancient times. This logic demands you to ponder on the situation in your sleep when you are dreaming of lifting a heavy mass. In your dream you are sure of it, you are feeling it. Right? You feel it in the same way as you feel it in your waking state. You can see it, you can feel its mass and you can feel the reactions in your body while lifting it. You are sure of its existence while you are dreaming. But now, in your waking state you may say that the mass in your dream state does not have actual physical existence. You may say “that is a feel”. Yes, the same way I am telling you that the mass you feel in your waking state also does not have independent physical existence. That is also your feel. Meditate more on this logic. Then you will realize.

Logic 20:-Some people say that we can touch the mass intentionally in waking state. But it is not possible in the dreaming state. Then they say that mass is responsible for our sleep and dream states. They say that mass has independent existence. If you also have this concept, please refer the logic ‘success of intentions’ and connect it with the logic ‘mass in dream’. Then you can easily realize that the waking state and the dreaming state are truly equal. All are feels.

Now it is the time to explore some fundamental terms of science.

Logic 21:- Scientific terms: A common man believes that the microscopic arrangement of matter makes the life possible and with this life one gets the feels. But a scientific mind believes, ‘not only matter but also some energies at infinitesimal level make the life possible’. When the matter energy entanglement that is responsible for our life distracts, we will die. Advaitha again and again says matter is a feel. But for a scientific mind the knowledge of ‘matter is a feel’ is not enough. Because in his concept of the ‘existence of life’ he includes the term energy also. He says matter and energy both are responsible for life. Now, what is this energy?

You may say it is the ability to do work. It has the unit Joule. Science students say ‘energy can neither be created nor be destroyed’. Thermodynamics students say ‘energy availability is getting reduced in the world because the higher grade energy is being converted to lower grade energy.’ Scientists say ‘energy becomes unavailable because the entropy of the universe is increasing’. If you think, you can understand that everyone is playing with ‘terms’– using terms above terms– work, Joule, energy, enthalpy, entropy, etc. These are all paper works. What does this energy actually mean?

I can say that energy, whatever kind it may be, is totally under our sensations. When we see something that moves from one place to another, we say that it is because of kinetic energy. But Advaitha says movement of an object is just our sensation of movement of vision. We may examine the movement by touching also. Then it will be the movement of touch sensation also. Next consider the heat energy. Advaitha says, it is nothing but the sensation of heat. I think you get the point. We have to say that, just like mass, energy is also under our sensations. Likewise, if we think, we can understand that force, torque, work, momentum and everything– everything is under our sensations.

If all are feels, why should we study science?

Advaitha says all are feels. But it never stands against science. Actually Advaitha covers the scientific laws also. For example Advaitha says ‘when we feel a needle injects to hand, we feel pain also’. Advaitha presents this as law of feels. But science says ‘when needle injects to hand we feel pain’. Science presents the same example as law of matter and energy.

Practically there is no problem if one proceeds with science and misunderstands the ‘law of feels’ as ‘law of matter and energy’. I mean, by going through science also one can gain knowledge of various laws of nature and can systematize it. There are many laws regarding gravitation, magnetism, electricity, electronics, biotechnology, astronomy, etc. A lot of researches are being progressed in these ways. Nothing will happen if one considers these laws as the ‘law of matter and energy’. By using these laws, there can be more inventions also. The comfort level of humanity can also be improved. That is, practically Advaitha goes hand to hand with science. Here I wish to say that Advaitha agrees with science in every concept except one.

Advaitha stands against only one concept of science. That is science believes ‘matter and energy make the life possible and with this life we have all the feels’. But Advaitha says ‘all are feels including matter and energy’. I think it is clear for you.

One thing I want to say is that Advaitha doesn’t need science for the validation of its concepts. But something that is labelled as science gets more acceptance in public. Because of this fact, I shall point out some unconventional speculations that science has made, which travel in the same way of spirituality. We have already seen that energy is truly under our sensations and it is not at all a material entity. But the scientists also know that it is not a material. They consider it as something that is truly non-physical, but strictly essential for systematizing the rules of physical processes. There are many other things we can see in this world that scientists accept as non-materials. For example, they realized the presence of a non-material entity that makes two magnets repel each other; later it was termed as magnetic force. That is, for the sake of explaining and systematizing of various natural phenomena in this universe, there are many non-materialistic entities that had been conceptualized by science; later these conceptualized entities were believed to have a simultaneous existence. That means the scientists believed the material dependent existence of non-materials. At the same time, they could not admit the fact that the so called material is also a pseudo appearance of another non-materialistic entity. They stuck to their materialistic belief as far as possible. Without any revolution they swallowed the ‘Principle of conservation of mass’ which says that mass can neither be created nor be destroyed. It can be concluded that, before the commencement of 20th century, the independent existence of materials and the material dependent existence of non-materials were believed by conventional scientists.

Later, by the introduction of mass energy conversion theory, it became very clear that matter is a concentrated form of energy. If one says that the total universe can exist as a non-material entity, it is true according to this new theory. Indian spiritual insight said the same thing thousands of years ago. Again the mass energy conversion theory got experimental proof while splitting the sub atomic particles which are bound by nuclear force–and this splitting causes the emission of huge amount of energy with some reduction of mass. Not only mass energy conversion theory but also many other theories which were introduced in early 20th century, could challenge the existing scientific theories of that time. Now we can consider some of these. I believe we need only the corollaries of these theories.

When mass moves from one place to another, it actually vanishes from first place and reappears in the next place; when something moves with the speed of light, its mass becomes infinite (General relativity theory). Time is still for something that travels with the speed of light (Special relativity theory). Energy transfer takes place only as defined packets (Quantum Theory). The intense gravitational pull of Black holes distorts even the time and space around them (Theory of Black holes)…Likewise there are many theories. All these, when come from science, we are tempted to accept. Think, all these findings challenge our conventional ideas about mass, space, energy and time. Scientists of early 20th century showed appreciable courage to explore the reality of entire cosmos in an unconventional way. But that era of pure exploration came to an end with the IInd world war. After the war, all the researches and its essential manpower unfortunately switched to weapon-making for the next world war and its diplomatic alliances. Only the technology is developing, not the pure science. We cannot stand against technologies, since it can do a lot for our comfort and it can be an aid for pure scientific explorations. But in the present world, global insecurities pressurize the nations to invest more on technologies of defence. I am not the person to talk all these. So let us go back to our subject and its logics.

Logic 22:- Manipulation of laws: A scientific mind believes the independent existence of matter and the properties associated with it. He believes in the law of matter and energy. But all his beliefs will collapse in front of a Yogi who can manipulate these laws. If a person sees such a supernatural performance by a Yogi, all his doubts about the ‘law of feels’ will surely vanish. But I can strongly suggest that seeing a supernatural performance is not at all necessary for understanding these concepts. A genuine analysis of our own direct experience of this world is sufficient for this purpose.

Logic 23:-“I cannot believe Advaitha, matter really exists, I am sure”.  Many people comment this. Now I ask you, “from where did you get this surety?”..Think..Think sincerely..Then you will understand that you got this surety ‘wholly from your experiences’– more accurately ‘wholly from your sensations’. Sensations create the belief of matter.

Logic 24:- Stories of the world: You have many stories in your mind about the existence of yourself and of this world. All the stories, you got from this world itself. You got the concept of materialism also from this world. Your mind is full of stories– full of concepts. Your concepts work against the concept of Advaitha. Now, for understanding Advaitha you can do one more thing– a simple meditation method. Just imagine that it is the first moment of your life. You have no stories, no concepts, nothing about this world. Try sincerely. “It is the first moment of my life”. Fix this idea in your mind and watch the things around you. You will see the magic. What you truly have as yours is a pack of feels! Feel of body, feel of sound, feel of vision, etc. You will definitely realize that you framed all the nonsense about this world from these basic feels. Here I request you to do this meditation frequently. It works.

Once again, ‘mass’ is a feel, ‘mass and space’ are feels and ‘mass is made up of smaller units’ is a belief formed because of your feels. Mass and space do not have independent existence apart from your own feels.

Now we are at the midway of our subject. Many of you are fed up with these logical contemplations. You may feel this subject far away from your normal life. I know, the intimacy and eternality cannot be portrayed without your wholehearted involvement. Above all, it is quite meaningless to talk about something that you have not felt anywhere. If someone says that Advaitha is a lifeless philosophy, a clarification has to be given. So let us go back to the very normal but highly mysterious ‘life’ we have. It is your freedom to consider it as a gift– a blessing or something that happened by chance. But you clearly know the overwhelming miracles it shows. You enjoy many of its moments. I believe, you do not need a contemplation to prove your life. All paper works will collapse in front of it. You know the life… the sweetness it has… the mesmerizing touch it gives… beyond words…

Life is there… when you get a smile from your loved one… in the first sip of a cup of tea… when you have a bicycle trip with your friends… when a small drop of water reflects the whole world inside it… when your dearest one is near you and it is about to rain in a moonless night… in a very fresh morning when you get the welcome from rising sun and singing birds… when you get a hug from your father after a separation… when you listen to a moral story, from your grandmother with wrinkled skin and grey colored hair… when you touch the tiny, pink, lovely finger of a new born baby… when you receive a heartfelt ‘thank you’ from someone for a simple help… when you hear the words, expressed by a silence of your true friend… when you start listening to a long waited song and sing along with it… when you finally reach home after a long journey and have a rest in your own bed… when your mother prepares the same foodstuff you anticipated for… when you hold the hands of someone you never want to miss… when you locate your intimate one in a crowd… when you plan a trip in the weekend after a strenuous work… when you see the serenity of clouds in a beach at the sunset… when you get dissolved into your love– into your hope, into your dreams, into your fantasies and into your imaginations–the magical presence of life… yes, you know the life… all you know is nothing but the life…

Now I am asking; are you conscious of your body, matter and the materialistic belief in the midst of these life moments?.. No, No chance… there is no ‘you’ separate from life, at these moments… intimacy is there… you love it… you know it… all you know is life… you know yourself by this life… you cannot find ‘you’ out of this life… so intimate… it is totally life… it is totally you… you are inseparable from this life… life is inseparable from you as well… you and life are not two… not two… it is Advaitha… Advaitha is not at all a lifeless philosophy… it is truly your life… it does not need any contemplation in the midst of your life moments…

But sometimes in your life, you step back away from this life itself, then stick to the body consciousness and start thinking rationally. You assume yourself situated inside your body, then start seeing life as a separate entity. As a result you have to work hard for the survival of the body and for the ‘you’ inside it. You have to fight with the life itself. Whenever you think rationally, you have to accept that your body will perish at a particular point in the time scale, and the ‘you’ inside it will also vanish into a nothingness. I already told you, Advaitha is unerringly your life and it does not need any contemplation. But it will start contemplating when the rational thinking conquers you. When the rational thinking says ‘you are finite and mortal’, Advaitha says ‘you are infinite and immortal’. Advaithic contemplations will come to your rescue when you lose yourself by your own beliefs. Your belief system evolved from the conventional belief system and it is nothing but materialism. Then Advaitha has to contemplate against it, quite mercilessly… but, all for you… all for your eternality… all for giving you back the same life you loved… in your life moments, you are semiconsciously aware of your togetherness with life; but by the contemplations, Advaitha makes you know it consciously… so come back… it may be unexciting… but it is totally for you…

Logic 25:- Some important concepts of Advaitha are yet to be explored. Advaitha says, ‘you feel visions, you feel sound, you feel taste, you feel smell, you feel touch, you feel pressure sensation, you feel mass, you feel change, you feel heat, you feel pain, you feel energy, you feel inner chattering and you feel inner visions’. That is, you feel ‘visions, sound, taste, smell, touch, pressure sensation, mass, change, heat, pain, energy, inner chattering and inner visions’. Now think again, is there a separate ‘you’ exist other than these feelings and sensations? Think deeply.. You can find that actually this gathering of feelings itself is you. That is, you are ‘feelings of vision, feelings of sound, feelings of taste, feelings of smell, feelings of touch, feelings of pressure sensation, feelings of mass, feelings of change, feelings of heat, feelings of pain, feelings of energy, feelings of inner chattering and feelings of inner visions’. Now you can recollect what I told you while discussing the effect of language in strengthening the ignorance in you.

Logic 26:- Ok, Now you can see yourself as a collection of various feels, i.e., feel of vision, sound, taste, smell, touch, pressure sensation, mass, change, pain, inner chattering, inner vision, heat, energy, etc. You are a collection of feels. A small correction is needed here. That is you are not a collection of feels, but you are a ‘single feel’. From this single feel you point out feel of vision, feel of sound, feel of smell, feel of touch, feel of pressure sensation, feel of mass, feel of change, feel of pain, feel of inner chatterings, feel of inner vision, etc. So it is more meaningful to say ‘you are a feel. That is–you, your life and whatever you have is nothing but a feel (Most of the spiritual teachers call this feel as ‘soul’).

Logic 27:- If you understand up to this I shall give you some questions to think more about it. Is this feel a still one? i.e., a nonmoving dead one?.. No, the feel is moving. It is always moving. My second question is, ‘can you see anything out of this feel?’ Think..We already know that mass is inside this feel. So your body, your friend’s body, all physical materials– earth, trees, animals, furniture– whatever you see or touch are inside this feel. Sun, moon, stars, sky, clouds, colours, sounds, words, advices from other people, everything–everything is inside this feel. You cannot see anything out of this feel. Whatever concepts you build about this world are truly based on this feel. All your concepts are completely inside this feel. If you believe in something that is outside this feel, that belief also exists because of this feel!

That is– you, the feelis omnipresent. Nothing can happen without the feel. And there is nothing in this world that is out of the feel. Finally we reach to the point that– feel, soul, world and you– all are the same.

Here one may think “all are inside my feel implies other people do not exist– only I exist. This idea is quite absurd. Other people surely exist. If they exist, they confirm the same mass I perceive. Then mass independently exists. Advaitha is wrong”

No. All are inside your feel means, everything you believe to affect your existence is inside your feel. Advaitha never says that you are the only person who exists. No doubt, others also exist. But the way you perceive others is totally inside your feel. And secondly, when they confirm the same mass you perceive, and by this if you believe the independent existence of mass, then to clear it we have to go for another logic.

Logic 28:- Matching the feels of two persons: Your idea of independent existence of mass may be strengthened when another person confirm the same mass you perceive. For example, when you see a stone, the person next to you also sees the same stone. You perceive your body by feeling and seeing. The person next to you also confirms that you have a body. You see and touch other person and confirm his body. The other person is also sure of his body. By this way the beliefs of independent existence of ‘mass of your body’, ‘mass of other person’s body’ and the ‘mass of outside objects’ are strengthened. But, what actually happens here? Please listen. Here also you have only a set of feelings– feelings of your body, feelings of other person’s body, feelings of outside objects, etc. Whatever you perceive including the presence of other person, are totally inside your feel. But by this, I do not mean that other person does not exist. Surely he exists. He exists in the same way as you exist, i.e., just as a feel. If you clearly analyze this idea, you can understand one more thing; that is ‘your feel and other person’s feel are never going to mess with each other’. But generally these feels seem to be matching (or seem to be complementary). More correctly both persons feel that the feels are matching. That means the ‘matching of feels’ is also inside their feels. But this truth is generally unrealized by the majority; and just because of this matching, it is conventionally said “we both see the same stone”, ‘I feel your body”, “you feel my body”, etc. Even though the feels are matching it cannot be listed as ‘out of feels’. So this matching cannot justify the independent existence of stone or body. Once again remember that the feel of each and everyone is totally exclusive and the existence of one person as a feel cannot be affected by the existence of other person as a feel. That means, while you proceed with Advaitha of your existence, the existence of other person has nothing to do against its immortality concepts. Because of this fact you can veritably say that your feel is complete. Nothing can happen without it and nothing can happen out of it (as far as your existence is being concerned).

Logic 29:- Now you are equipped with almost all the concepts of Advaitha. We can now explore the concept of death. What is it? What happens at the time of death? You don’t know because you are alive now. Do you think all your feels leave you at the time of death? Do you believe that death is a particular moment after that there is no more ‘you’? I shall say an idea which majority of people have. That is, in this present moment you are alive, i.e., you have life. With this life you have feel of vision, feel of sound, feel of smell, feel of taste, feel of touch, feel of mass, feel of inner voice, feel of inner vision, feel of change, feel of heat, feel of pain, etc. When death happens, all your feels vanish into nothingness.

Logic 30:- Now you analyze this concept of death using our knowledge of Advaitha. Advaitha says you are a feel. A feel which contains vision, sound, touch, smell, taste, pressure sensation, inner sound, inner vision, pain, etc. This feel is omnipresent also, i.e., nothing will happen without it. But the conventional concept says that, at the time of death, the feel itself vanishes into a nothingness. Now we can simply understand that, by the idea of death what the conventional concept insists us to believe is nothing but a ‘change’– a change where feel vanishes and nothingness arises. At the same time, Advaitha undeniably declares that the feel is omnipresent and nothing can happen without it. That means even the vanishing of feel needs a feel. More clearly, for the present feel to vanish, another feel is needed. Think more, what does it mean? It means, for you to die, you should be alive to witness your death. I hope you get the point. Yes, it clearly reveals the truth that you cannot die.

This is enough. But for an advanced seeker of Advaitha I shall give one more logic. Beginners can also read it, later it will be benefited to them. That is..

Logic 31:- We feel that the present feel is evolved from a previous different feel and it again transforms to another different feel. We feel a succession of different feels. But if we think, we can understand that this succession is also a feel, i.e., this succession of different feels is only a ‘present feel’. Now, it is the time to recollect what we have discussed earlier about the ‘law of feels’. We have seen that the ‘law of feels’ is actually a definite pattern of succession of feels. But when the idea of succession of feels is collapsed, it will surely make the idea of ‘law of feels’ also to collapse. So the reality is that, the succession of feels and the ‘law of feels’ are only a mystifying play of the ‘present feel’.  That implies we have only a single present feel; and that feel exists in a timeless platform without any multiplicity of appearances. So the truth of our existence is nothing but an omnipresence of a timeless-single feel. Even though it is the truth, we can never ever experience this timelessness-single feel. This is the first time we are using the logics to go beyond the logics. What I want to say is that the timeless-single feel cannot be experienced, but it can be understood. We can see a succession of different feels but the omnipresence of a single feel timelessly, is the reality. We can feel our existence only as life but in reality it is death. Life truly equals death. When life itself is death, there is no scope for another death to be waited for. That means– you, the soul…is immortal.

Logic 32:- One may ask “In my deathbed when I transform to the state of death, how is it possible to come back?” The answer is, ‘the thing that takes you to death will certainly bring you back to life also’. You see people wake up from sleep. You see people wake up from fainting. Likewise, no matter what happens, people wake up from physical death also. This is the sum and substance of Advaitha. By death, you may lose everything including your identity, but you will never lose your existence. And for the cycle to continue, you will definitely feel a new womb receiving you gracefully. When your rebirth happens, there also your present feel will mystifyingly confuse you that you are new to this world. And so on.. the cosmic flow continues.. not with death.. but with life.. it continues .. here Advaitha demands you to know this truth consciously.. know yourself as an invincible presence of life.. know the eternality as the essence of your existence.. that’s all.. and that is the ultimate freedom.. the freedom from  cosmic bondage of life and death.. the gateway of liberation.. an awakening to your own real nature..

Ok. Now I think we can wind up the contemplative sessions of the subject. This time I suggest you to have an observation over the present social scenario. You can see many people trying to enjoy their life, because they believe their life is limited. There can be a doubt– whether the concept of immortality is for the one who actually wants to enjoy his life. You may wonder that it will give a person more confidence for enjoyments. But, here I can say an addict of sensual pleasures cannot hold the immortality concepts of Advaitha. At the same time– in opposition to the common misconception, anyone need not give up his ordinary life in the venture of understanding it. And after understanding also he can lead the same life. One more thing I wish to say is that the life happens to a person in the same way regardless of whether he knows it or doesn’t know it. But with this knowledge one can maintain a constant hope even in the midst of adverse situations in life. Also it gives relief from the pain caused by the loss of his or her loved one. Enough– I believe, I have already finished explaining the logics part of Advaitha.



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