To get started

From unreal to Real, lead me |
From darkness to Light, lead me |
From death to Immortality, lead me ||
—Pavamana Mantra

Advaitha simply means ‘not two’. ‘A’ means not, ‘dvaitha’ means two. This knowledge is the essence of all Vedas of ancient India. Brahmavidya, Atmajnana, Nirvana, Moksha, Kaivalya, Enlightenment are some other names given for this knowledge so far. Many people might have heard the term Advaitha but a few know the relevance and logic behind it. Some teachings of Advaitha are also familiar to many of us which are ‘All is Brahman and the world is unreal’, ‘Body dies but the soul inside it is immortal’ etc. Some believe it blindly and some others discard it. Most of us don’t know the path through which this concept can be understood. Do we need a special kind of eye with which we can see everything as Brahman?..  No. Surely this knowledge has its own logics. But presenting it just as a logical riddle is also unfair. I mean, to understand this, a special kind of lifestyle is also essential. That lifestyle is called Sanathan Dharma which was established thousands of years ago in India. Remembering Sanathan Dharma is very important because the present world is more and more attached to sensual pleasures which certainly cause hindrance in the path of Advaitha.

You may ask, what is the benefit of understanding all these, what will Advaithic knowledge give to us? Why to give up sensual pleasures for it? Here I don’t want to confuse you with vague replies. So, just hear. This knowledge gives relief from all fears especially the fear of death, i.e., death of yourself and of your loved ones. It gives the last possible answer for the question ‘who am I’ or ‘what this world is’. Nothing can give immense happiness like Advaitha because it is the only science that clarifies the question of existence– existence of everyone and everything. By following this path, love naturally happens. The one who exists in this world definitely has the right to know the reality of his existence. So, all are equally entitled to receive Advaitha. Some people say luck gives one this knowledge. But it is untrue.

A scientific approach is needed to understand it. But the difference between scientific experiments and Advaitha is that, we can show the result of scientific experiments to others. But the knowledge of Advaitha is purely personal. Nobody can enter into the mind of an enlightened person to check what kind of knowledge is experienced by him. So the only way is to make this knowledge yours also. For that, a hypothetical approach is needed. That is, taking the idea– experimenting it– then only judging whether it is right or wrong. At first, hear its concepts clearly. Try to find the difference between normal view towards life and Advaithic view. Meditate more on its logics. Secondly and more importantly, don’t throw off this concept just because you cannot understand it immediately. And it is equally important not to believe it blindly by hearing only. I don’t want you understand this concept just logically as a distant subject. But I want you understand it as the truth of your own existence. So, after the logical analysis you can simply follow the path established for Advaitha. That path is capable of making you understand the spiritual truth. Let the words ‘Immortality realized is immortality attained’ be the inspiration in your way. I sincerely wish you grand success in breaking all the conventional barriers that prevent you reaching the destination. There is the Kingdom– totally yours, which no one can conquer and nothing can destroyyet to be explored, within you..